About Me...

My name is Claire MacGillivray and I am, The Mindset Mum! My company was founded in 2018 after my soul calling for a bigger platform to help other women just like me.

I have 3 children and I am a partner of 10 years; life is crazy hectic with afterschool clubs, toddler tantrums, running my online business, and writing my first book. 

Becoming a coach and working with busy modern women just like me, is a dream! I know what your struggles are, they were mine too.  I know that time is tight, it was for me too. I hear you when you say you want more, I know what that's like to feel the mum guilt by saying you want more. I am an open and honest coach and I don't mess around with BS. I get results with my clients because I get to know them and how they tick and what their MINDSET  is, so I can push you to get the best results.

Looking back on my life there are many times where my lack of focus, awareness, and limiting beliefs have stopped me from living the life I desired. And after being introduced to the Law of Attraction, meditation, and mindset several years ago now, I realised what I had been missing out on all my life!

You can read about the tragedy which led to my introduction to the Law of Attraction here

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