Group Coaching

For 2019 my group programmes have taken on a different form, BIGGER AND BETTER!

Following on from the success of my sessions in 2018 I wanted to up my game and make this year even better for those who join me!



Launching in May 2019...

Surround and Surrender


Knowing what you need to do, is one thing. Actually doing it, well that is a whole other game!


How many times have you said to yourself oh yeah I’ll read that book one day, yeah yeah I’ll book that gym session in when I’m finished doing this? There are many ways in which we will talk ourselves out of consistency and taking action on things that can change our lives for the better.


The fluff we tell ourselves is that we are too tired, we don’t have time, I need to do x, y, z first, if it’s meant for me it won’t pass me by blah blah blah. I am calling BS on all of that!


Honestly how many times have you said any of that stuff to yourself? Be HONEST!


We all have at some point and the reason we do, is simple. It is FEAR.

Afraid your not good enough.

Afraid it will be too hard.

Afraid it won’t work.

Afraid your life will actually change for the better!

Afraid it’s too different.

Afraid it’s not what you needed it to be.




Getting up close and personal with your fear and befriending her, understanding where she comes from and how to see her truth. Using this new knowledge to Surround & Surrender your fear, so you can begin to manifest the life you want for yourself.


In Surround & Surrender I will help you to peel back your fear and limiting beliefs around your life right now. You are going to learn what your mindset blocks are.


What is stopping you from moving forward in the direction you want to go? What is stopping you from manifesting?


I will help you gain clarity on how you can become unstuck. Help you figure out where it is you want to be next week, next month, next year or even the next 10 years if that's what makes your heart sing.

Surrounding your fear and surrendering to yourself is like cutting the invisible ropes which are holding you back.


  • Do you feel stuck but not sure why? I have been there!

  • Do you have no idea what you want your life to look like, but you know it’s not where you are right now? I have been there!

  • Do you keep looking around at others and wondering how they got it all sorted out? HELLO your talking to the master!


FEAR will hold you back your entire life if you don’t learn to Surround and Surrender it.


It is the single most crippling thought process that us humans behold, yet learning how to use it as fuel, is where the magic lies.


Over the course of Surround & Surrender I will coach you over 6 sessions on how to do all of the above! I can coach authentically as this has been my life for 30 years!



Course details:

  • 6 Sessions over 8 weeks beginning on Monday 27th May

  • The sessions will take place in a private Facebook group set up for the course and will be on a Monday morning at 9.30am.

  • Each session will be 45-60 mins

  • A weekly Q&A coaching session on a Friday to give everyone a chance to watch that weeks call and ask any questions that arise.

  • The cost of the course is £299 paid in full. Or 2 payments of £170


Surround & Surrender is for you if,

You are feeling stuck right now.

You are surrounded by negative people and want to learn a way to live positively among it.

Your fear stops you doing anything you know will improve your life.

You are comparing yourself to others daily and feeling crap about yourself.

You want to finally learn how to be more positive and manifest an awesome life for you and your family.

You are ready to learn how to take consistent action and make shit happen.


Surround & Surrender is NOT for you if,

You are afriad of nothing!

You are already living your dream life.

You have crystal clear clarity on your future.

You don’t want to take action right now.


The next step.

Are you ready to take aligned action and leap with me now?  

(The links will take you to Paypal where you can either pay by card or using your Paypal account, bank transfer is available email

>>If so then click here >>> to buy now and pay £299 in full 







>> Or click here >>> to pay in 2x instalments of £170







Are you not sure if it’s the right time for you? Jump on a quick clarity call with me to see if we can figure that out for you, you can book that here.


OR If your not ready to invest in yourself yet, that's ok, perhaps you would like to book a 60 min Alignment call where you will receive guidance to help you in your situation right now, for £99. You can book that by emailing


When you take action from that place of alignment, when it feels flipping awesome and exciting but a tiny bit scary at the same time, the universe will catch you and take you where you want to be. Leap, Leap if it feels right to do it. Living in your comfort zone will always just be that, growth and change come when you step outside of that comfort zone. Claire x