Magic Moments Meditation

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The Dalai Lama famously said if every 8 year

old was taught how to meditate, we would

eliminate violence from the world in one generation.


Inspired by my personal meditation practice which spans several years, I began introducing my children to meditation last year. Now I am talking a 5 minute meditation before the school run in the morning, not a 1 hour chanting marathon! I have been blown away by the impact it has had on their confidence, attitude towards learning, energy, relationships to name just a few!

It brings me back to the question I always ask myself, what if I had learnt this as a child, how would my life look like now?


Why are we over looking this in today's society for our children?

Every week I hear on the news or read online about children's mental health declining, children suffering from anxiety, children under more pressure than ever before at school.

Yet I see not an awful lot happening to counteract the problem, we like to put a plaster on stuff rather than preventing it in the first place.


So I wanted to play my bit in being part of the solution. Having watched how my children responded to meditation each morning before school, I wanted to bring this opportunity to children everywhere.

Magic Moments Meditation is available in a School Edition and also a Parents Edition


What is Magic Moments Meditation?