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October 2018

brings to you

The Modernised Mum Mind academy

The ONLY place you need to be to learn how to GROW MORE TIME and how to harvest the lifestyle you dream about.


Over the 8 modules in this online academy I am going to teach you, from my personal experience, exactly how to grow more time in your day for all the things you want to do. How to go from burn out to watch out!


Do you want more time in your day?

Do you want to feel more confident?

Do you want to know what your passion is?

Do you want to know how to manifest on demand?

Do you want to manifest more money?

Do you want to feel more fulfilled as a woman?

Do you want your children to grow up with an enriched mindset?


Yes of course you do, we all do don’t we?

As a modern mum we can all begin to slip into that feeling of guilt, feeling not good enough, feeling like all you are is a mum. That the moment you brought your child into the world was the very moment you waved goodbye to you.


This is absolute BS!


Society has made us feel like this is the definition of motherhood and that you should feel guilty for this and for that. That as a mum you will never have the time for things that you used to love before and to be a good mum, you SHOULD wave these things good bye.


I want to show you how I diminish this subliminal messaging and how I create the life I want that makes me feel fulfilled. As a mother of 3 children and a partner of 10 years, my life on paper should be hectic, crazy and a struggle. Not my words, but the words of others!


I want to show you how I manage my time, how I create time every day to take spiritual action with my children to be connected and to grow, how I manifested 10k, how I get people stopping me in the street and asking me what my secret is!


99% of the mums I spoke to during my research, told me that they don’t have enough time to do half of the things they need to do every day. It is such a problem for us mums, but in reality we all have the same 24 hours right?


Your feeling of fulfilment, confidence, connection, productivity and spirituality are all directly linked to the time you have in your day. It is what you do with it that matters right? 

     The 8 modules we are going to cover will be


  • Clarity and Contrast

  • How to grow more time

  • How the Law of Attraction helps with time

  • Society says and Limiting Beliefs

  • Manifesting Mastery

  • Your spiritual ritual

  • Detoxing and refresh

  • Family Growth Mindset


The academy begins on October 17th and will run weekly until December 12th which includes a week break. The format for running the academy will be via a High Energy Private Facebook group where I will be available to you as your coach for the duration of the 8 modules to support and champion you throughout the process.


You do not need to be available at a certain time, as each of the modules will be available on replay at your convenience. The videos will be pre-recorded and posted on a Wednesday.


The cost of this academy will be £999 

(in the future, the investment will be £2500)

Choose to pay 


You will have LIFETIME access to this academy and the content plus any additional supplements which I add in the future.




I am all about giving exceptional value to my clients, and I want you to have all the tools you need to start regaining YOU back.


As added value to you as a member of the Modernised Mum Mind Academy, you will have access to the following courses for FREE 


  • 30 day manifesting bootcamp value £189

  • Meditation bundle including the extensive abundance meditation I coach all my VIP clients value £50

  • Discover your Child's Inner Superpower activity bundle value £123

  • Limiting Beliefs Showdown value £89


Total value of added freebies over £450!

Don't just take my word for it!




Kerry Wright


I am amazed at how my days have transformed since I worked with Claire. She got me to try things I have never thought about, I was always going on about not having enough time to do this and that, I wasn’t even wearing makeup as all the time I had in the morning was spent on getting the kids to school. Now I am up and fresh in the morning knowing I have it all under control.


Sam Late


OMG Claire is the bomb, she taught me how to manifest! I was always hearing about manifesting and thought it was only for a few people who had this mystical connection, within the month of working with her, I had manifested my dream home which we are about to complete on and so much other cool stuff that I didn’t really think was available to me! Leap Leap Leap and listen to what she teaches you, you won’t regret it!

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