How often do you actually read the terms and conditions of anything when you sign an agreement? The likelihood of this rhetorical question is obviously NEVER! Unless of course, it's a free trial you have signed up for and you need to check the cancellation policy am I right? 

When it comes to life there is no agreement we need to check and not much in the way of moral and spiritual guidance to help us navigate our way through our physical experience on this earth. So we wanted to bring awareness to the terms and conditions of life as we see it, having the uncomfortable conversations that are needed to instigate positive change in all aspects of life.


The T's and C's of life podcast was born out of the desire for change between two best friends who have a passion in two very different fields of expertise. Tanya works in mental health with young people, is studying towards a psychology degree, and is an advocate for change in our education system. She is passionate about the need for more diversity awareness in schools to help combat the racial biases our children are subjected to throughout their informative years. This led her to develop her company Panda Anti-Racism Team, or PART for short, which is working on supporting schools across the UK to improve their ability to tackle racism within its playgrounds and classrooms.


Her co-host Claire is a bestselling author of the book Unleash Yourself - A Guide To Embracing Change And Following Your Bliss. Claire is a Mindset Mentor and runs an online community called The Mindset Mum where she mentors women in all aspects of positive thinking and how to bring balance to your life. She is passionate about our conscious behaviors and conversations both with our own peers but igniting the thirst for challenging conversations with our own children. 

Tanya and Claire have been growing their online audiences separately for some time but universal force has brought these two women together to share their perspectives with a combined force. They intend to have challenging conversations about all aspects of the terms and conditions of life from race to growth mindset and everything in between. There will always be an element of mindset and black v's white perspective to every conversation and we hope to inspire our listeners to have informed discussions with those nearest and dearest to them. 

We aim to keep our episodes around the 30 min marker as anything longer seems a chore to us as listeners of podcasts! We are both busy working mums and we want to keep to the point but from experience, our discussions can get heated and deep especially if we add alcohol to the mix, which is sooo tempting but as most recordings will occur during the day it will likely be a rare occasion you hear a pissed up version of T's & C's but hey, never say never! We will never be scripted, what you hear is an honest representation of us. There will be swearing, its who we are, and as the fabulous Billy Connely says "swearing is the poetry of the working class" 

Whether you have stumbled upon us or you hunted us down either way we hope you find what you're looking for with us and we are grateful for your ears and time. Please feel free to share your musings with us or even better share us with your world on social media using the share links available on your listening platform.


"Challenges are what make life interesting, overcoming them is what makes life meaningful" Joshua Marine