3 Simple steps to getting started with meditation.

So you want to get started with meditation with your children, BUT truth is you don't know where to start. It seems fairly simple doesn't it, but in reality doing anything with kids is not what you would call EASY especially with smaller ones, well actually even the older ones cause friction, asking them to do anything new may feel like a mountain to climb!

You know what though, it's really not all that tricky when you get your head around it, at the end of the day your children are like mini copy cats, they naturally want to mimic you as their parent so anything you do, especially if it has a positive emotional impact, will resonate with your children. I always say this to my clients, FILL YOUR OWN CUP. Make sure you are working on you and your positive wellbeing and mindset before expecting others to do it under your watch. Why would your child commit to 5 minutes of meditation a day if mum isn't prepared to do the same?

I have 3 really simple tips on how to get started with your children, and they will not be what you were possibly expecting them to be!

1: Be clear on your reason for wanting to do this. This may seem silly, but if you are not emotionally connected to the desire for change, you will not make the time, and quit within the first week. I have seen it time and time again with families. Do you want to introduce meditation to your children because you want to inspire self confidence, improved mental health, improved sleeping habits, deeper engagement at school, less stressed and anxious, more relaxed. The list is endless, and yes meditation will help you with all of these things, but really know why you want to turn to meditation over something else. For me it was understanding the power it unlocks within my mind, and wishing I had learned about it sooner. Not wanting my kids to miss out on years of practice. And growing up in today's over stimulated society with a solid deep connection to themselves to equip them with the emotional and mindset tools to handle all life has to throw at them. I made my decision, then I burned the boats, there is no going back for me. 2: Start with bedtime meditation. Starting to introduce meditation at bedtime will have a much higher success rate in terms of consistency because you don't physically have to do anything extra by making the time elsewhere in your day to slot it in. It is super simple, play. listen, relax, sleep! In my house we have an Alexa Dot in the kids room and I Bluetooth my phone to it and play the meditation through the dot, today's tech makes it so easy for us! If you don't have a dot, or a phone with Bluetooth, download the meditation onto a tablet, mp3 player, or just play it from your phone, it doesn't need to be loud. Just don't find an excuse for it not to work! I have even included a guided bedtime meditation to use tonight at the bottom of this email! 3: Do it with your kids. If you are going to ask your children to meditate, after telling them how amazing it is for them and how it will help them sleep and feel more relaxed and confident …. PLEASE DO IT WITH THEM. Children learn best by example, and what better way to inspire their meditation practise than by doing it too, my mummy and daddy are not too busy to meditate! You can then tick 10 minutes of bedtime meditation (or 5 minutes of daytime) off your list of things you want to do each day! You do have 10 minutes that you can give to yourself in this way, honestly you do. I promise you, if you have completed step 1, you will be connected to the reason why you are making 10 minutes available each day.




You know why you want to expose your children to meditation, really connect to that reason, and you will find yourself with plenty of time to spare and ready to sit down with your children on a daily basis to meditate. Just think of all the years that you had without the awareness of meditation and the benefits it has on your mind, body and soul. For me this was 30 years!!! Bloody 30 years of missing out! When I look at my 2 year old sit down with me each morning, it brings a tear to my eye for the possibilities that lie before him, and even more so with a higher connection to his self, his inner being, the energy of his soul and who he is. Having such a deep connection to myself, which I have been developing over this last year, I have seen such a powerful intuitive ability

within me which bring me a superpower I though was only seen on a Marvel tv show. My superpower is LOVE and it is one I work on every day, to increase my love for myself and to others and it has rewarded me in so many ways.

I want this for my children, for your children, for children all across the world, to learn to grow that connection to themselves and become absolutely LIMITLESS.

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