Battle of the Bloodline.

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

This is my most personal and raw blog that I have written to date, and writing it has been a mixed bag for me, I hope my readers are touched by my words and honesty and that it speaks a truth to those who need to hear it.

Having spent 2 weeks "all inclusive" on family, and I'm talking mum, dad, siblings, extended family, mother in law, the whole shebang! I have emerged from this experience deep in spiritual growth and universal learning, meaning I feel contrasty AF!

I often refer to my view of the world i experience as in 3D. I no longer experience and feel on the surface, it goes way deeper than that and this is due to my spiritual growth over the years and the vamping up of my personal spirituality and wider awareness of the universe I am part of, without sounding like a total modern day hippie, which I must add, is not a bad thing, just not really my thing, or is it?!

I am aware of the energy I feel around people, places and conversations and I can almost translate it into an emotional reaction for myself which dictates my stay'ability!

The things people say, where the thought comes from, where the mindset is limited, where the social conditioning plays a role in the creation of such beliefs, and when I am around people I dont see terribly frequently, it can overwhelm me and make me feel energetically wobbly! Very technical!!

Basically it drains me, as I am protecting my energy from someone who may not be in alignment with me, challenging me on something they have read on Facebook and waited to see me in person before talking to me about it, or in some cases, completely ignoring me entirely, which believe it or not, happened! I get why, I can understand why someone in my family, would not ask me about a huge part of my life, because I see it in 3D, I can understand that they dont get what I am doing with my busniess, and that's totally fine, the forgiveness and love is there for myself and for them and I have given myself permission to let it go, which has been a huge shift for my mindset!

The old me, would have held onto that feeling of disempowerment and let it hold me back and upset me. And trust me when I say it, the mindset work around family and judgments is never ending.

The reason our families are such a powerful energetic force on us is their love for us. YES their love, we are connected to them undeniably and no distance in the world can wedge it. Their opinions, thoughts, actions and behaviours towards us mean more to us than we consciously allow ourselves to believe, meaning it then affects us vibrationally and subconsciously, without the deeper understanding of this mindset, it can cause friction and upset.

Family are duty bound to protect and to love, our basic human instinct, arguably this is not the case for every family, but for the majority of us this is true. What our family do and say to us, means more to us than a stranger or a passing comment from a friend. We tie our beliefs to those of our family, afterall we most likely developed them from our parents in the first place! So when they have something or nothing, in my recent case, to say to you, IT MATTERS. It matters a flipping lot, whether you fight it or let it flow, is down to you and your mindset.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my family dearly, and I had a fun 2 weeks away, I laughed, I got drunk on cider and I napped! But I was quiet in between these moments, not from sadness more through observation!

You have permission to not allow the negative energy from anyone to affect your day, least of all from those who love you most! We are taught to think its not ok to distance yourself from family, but these are the people you can distance yourself from the MOST without explanation or judgement, just take some steps back from where you are right now and take a moment for yourself, see the situation from your new perception and come back with love and forgiveness, for yourself and for those who you are stepping back from. Your family love you no matter what. It is not your job to nurse their ego and pretend that everything is hunkydory, if its not. Be true to yourself and do what is right for you without explanation.

Make no mistake, you can learn to master your mindset, work through your blocks, release any anger, forgive yourself for the past. It does not change over night. Your mindset is your life work.

Find someone who can help you, guide you, support you, advise you, hear you, and help you grow. Dont do it alone.

You may have a friend who is awesome at challenging your thinking and bringing out the best in you, while teaching you how to forgive and let go, or maybe you find a coach, like myself, who can help you to identify the blocks you are living with and the reason why life isnt looking quite like how you had hoped it would.

Do your research, and find someone who you resonate with and trust to help you in the most important area of your life, your mindset! Please dont mistake mindset work as something for those who want to progress within their career or grow a business. You mindset = your quality of life. And when you take a proactive approach to improving yours, you will find manifesting your dream life will just fall into place.

Big love

Claire x

The Mindset Mum

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