How to explain the law of attraction to children.

Children are like bubbles, all different. Each child will understand in their own way

>>> LOA Stripped back <<<

How the frigg do you explain LOA to ANYONE?

First and foremost the law of attraction is not a buzz word. IT IS SCIENCE.

There are 12 universal laws that dictate the world as we know it. The law of attraction is one of them.

This simple fact gives you confidence when beginning to explain it to someone new, everyone trusts science!!

I have found myself sounding like a fruit loop when trying to explain LOA to friends and family in the past, so I now sometimes have a hard job explaining my business to them, as they already think I'm nuts!

But to keep it really simple, don't over complicate your explanation. New adults will be intrigued and will either go away and Google it, or will ask questions to satisfy the need for a deeper understanding. Leaving you feeling empowered having introduced an incredible awareness to a friend, let them follow the breadcrumbs!

There are 2 really simple basic explanations * what we think. we become * our brain is like a magnet. It attracts the things you think about.

For children, let me tell you something, children are born with the highest connection and initiative understanding of vibrations. They get this shizz from day dot, it's us, the friggin parents who stamp it out of them with our stress, anger, body language, limiting beliefs, self doubt.

Well not you obviously, as your tapped in and turned on! But you get me!

Kids get this stuff, it's honest and true to them, the younger you reintroduce children the easier it is to allow it all to flow with ease and grace!

Your kids will subconsciously mimic you. Its human nature. If you are communicating in a positive way they will replicate that.

That's why parents get such a bad rep when their kids display anti-social behaviour, they don't read about that in Thomas the tank story books, they pick it up from their parents.

If you want your children to live limitlessly, YOU MUST show them that you can. Not just once a week when you remember. It's a life choice you make for the improvement of your families experience on this earth.

The BEST way to explain LOA to a child is to live and breathe it as a family.

* Talk about what your grateful for * Dance together * Talk about what made you feel amazing today * Talk about your body like it is coated in diamonds and worth a billion bucks * Talk about bringing your imagination to life * Talk about examples of people doing extraordinary things driven by desire * Talk about being kind * Talk about feeling love for someone who has been unkind to them, hate is an awful vibration to hold * Talk about vibrations and how they make you feel inside * Talk about manifesting, make it a familiar word in your home

If you simply sit your child down and tell them about the law of attraction and about energy flowing through them, chances are, they will switch off. Kids are visual and interactive beings, so weave it into their day and tell them about the new things you are doing.

For example, your attitude of gratitude will make that happy feeling within your body really powerful and you will begin to notice more and more happy things around you. Here is a stone, let's call it your gratitude stone, every time you see it or touch it, think of 3 things you are grateful in that very moment. >> That's a fun activity for a child to embrace and understand.

The law of attraction is a wonderful awareness, you truly are gifting your child with a licence to write their own happiness and success by enabling their conscious mind in this way.

I CAN NOT WAIT to watch as the generation of inspired children growing up in families like yours, become who they are destined to be. The future looks really frikin awesome!

Let me know in the comments how you plan to bring the law of attraction into your families life.

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