It's LOA you freak!

I have shared my back story on social media a few times now, and sometimes it feels like I falling victim to my situation by talking about it so much. Maybe your reading this and thinking wow this again, geez I thought there was more to the Mindset Mum than this! There is, I promise you!

Living with a brain injury, not mine, but my other half’s! Is not what I expected it to be like, in fact nobody could have prepared me for what I did encounter on this journey. For those of you who do not know the story I will fill you in on the details! 5 years ago in August my partner Trevor was out at work as a Tree Surgeon, he had been a professional arborist for many, many years and very experienced in his job. Our children were really little at the time, Aiden would have been 3 and Freya 1. I received a call from the Kent and Sussex Air Ambulance to tell me that Trevor had fallen from an elevated working platform and had suffered a substantial brain injury and that I had to get myself to Kings College Hospital asap!! He didn’t leave hospital for 3 weeks. I helped him to walk again, feed him, dress him, I did everything for him in those early days.

I have always been a positive thinker, I wasn’t one to dwell on things. So many people asked me how was I coping with such a huge hurdle and having 2 young children. To be honest it wasn’t something I thought about, it just happened. I had fantastic friends around me, as our families were all back in Scotland, I relied on my friends to help me with the children while I was in hospital looking after Trevor.

In the months following the accident, I was introduced to a film called The Secret, I was told it would answer lots of questions I may have had about why things have happened at the time they did, so being a trusted friend that recommended it, I made the time to watch it.

Oh my word!! It was incredible.

It spoke to my soul and made my heart sing. And that was it, I was hooked. Law of Attraction was my addiction and I wanted it to be a huge part of my life. As I grew in my understanding of LOA, my need for more and more learning grew. I wanted to know how much of this stuff was available to my children in their learning through their education settings and also through their exposure to life. And it wasn’t, there was a huge gap in this opportunity for these little lives t grow even more through an understanding of the law of attraction, it is science after all!

This wonderful knowing of who we are and what we are made up of from a physics and universal perspective, something that is available to us ALL FOR FREE was not something that was widely known or really talked about.

It was in this moment my passion was born. I wanted every family to have access to the law of attraction, I wanted every family to have access to easy meditation, I wanted every family to know their limitlessness. Geez if I had grown up knowing I could BE, DO, HAVE and CREATE anything I could possibly think of, my life would be so different now! Instead I had 30 years under my belt before I knew that it wasn’t just the hippies and monks that meditate!

My kids will grow up with the knowledge and the knowing that they are limitless, that nothing on this earth will stop them from getting to where they want to be, there are no boxes, there are no limitations, there are no conditions, just a life full of possibilities.

And this all starts with you.

As a parent.

As a mother.

You are the light that will lead the way for your children. This need not be a huge change in your life, or something that you may feel will alienate others around you. This is an opportunity to look at life through the eyes of love and look inward towards your soul, figure out who you are and what you are here to create. With positivity and gratitude, it can only feel good if not great!

Thank you for being here today.

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Lots of love


The Mindset Mum

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