Why is mindset so important?

Mastering your mindset is essential to the feeling of fullfilment.

People come to me and ask me frequently 'what is mindset? Any why is it so important?' Many people believe that we should only look at how our mindset is serving us during times of contrast or struggle; how can we improve our mindset in that moment to get us from feeling icky to feeling empowered? And this is why I feel it is so important to look at this pattern of thinking and challenge it.

Your mindset will determine the life you live, how hard you find things, how easy you love, how easy you make friends, how successful you are in your chosen career EVERYTHING! There is no such thing as a good or bad mindset, I feel that is not the most inspiring way to define a person, however there are positive mindsets and negative mindsets. Now in terms of identifying yours, if you find this hard to do, note down the answers to the following 5 questions, you can review them afterwards. Do not over think the answer, just put down the answer you feel most compelled to say inside your head!

1. When you wake up in the morning are you excited about the day ahead?

2. When you think of spending time with friends, what comes to mind?

3. When you think of your life right now, what do you see?

4. When you look in the mirror what do you see?

5. When you look at your bank account, how do you feel?

When you review your answers, do not judge yourself for what you have written, if it brings up contrast or makes you feel icky at all, remember that our mindset is fluid and is ever growing so this thinking can change really easily over time. It is just a short exercise for you to challenge your thinking and to help you identify how you think and therefor your mindset.

Our mindset can vary in different areas of your life, some of us have a great money mindset, but a really negative relationship mindset. There is no one size fits all. Your job is to be aware of how you think and therefor the stories that you tell yourself in regards to that area of your life. Identifying these areas will also really help you to decide on the support you may want to find to help you improve (( you can book a free call with me here )) and once you have a clear plan in place to help you master your mindset, you can then just sit back and watch as life just falls into place. When you make a conscious decision to start improving your mindset, be that through exercise, eating well, journaling, conscious thought, meditation, WHATEVER HELPS YOU, everything on the outside of your life will begin fall into alignment with the improvements you make.

Think back to you time in school, was mindset ever discussed with you? Is it discussed with your children in their schools today? Chances are the answer to both is no, and if it's yes, then you have permission to stop reading now!!

Your attitude is more important than your intelligence according to this World Economic Forum ariticle and the concept of growth mindset is explored here. I highly recommend the read, it is fascinating.

As a busy modern mum, there was never a more important time to master your mindset than now. You have a lot on your plate, juggling work, business, kids, home, husband, friends, housework, social, downtime. It is so important for you to stay focused and to give our best YOU to those who matter to you most. Fill your cup! I talk a lot about filling your cup, and honestly it's not selfish. Just think if you have had a crappy day, come home stressed, sit and do homework with your child, and they are struggling, you get irritated because you know they can do it, and because you are not being your best self, you react in a way which is not as you may have wanted to, maybe you snapped, shouted, snatched or gave up. Rather than have taken a few moments to reflect on the importance of the activity in front and taken some deep breaths together, done a 5 minute meditation, practiced some growth mindset tricks, danced together to rid the negative energy.

It does not require a life altering chunk of time that you give up to your mindset mastery commitment, but small actionable steps every day to help you shift your thinking.

>Read for 10 minutes

>Do 10 star jumps

>Take a walk outside

>Do your verbal journal (you can read about it here)

>Meditate for 5 minutes

>Create an actionable plan to help you (you can book a free call with me here)

>Reward yourself for the awesome things in your day

>Look for 3 reasons every day to be grateful

It really is simple stuff to do yourself.

Just think of the positive impact your improving mindset will have on your children, that for me makes my heart sing!

One final note to make is that when you are trying to leverage the law of attraction and manifest a life you want to create on your terms, having a positive mindset is KEY to the success of this. Manifesting is all about positive thought and energy, and from this place you can heal your life, for real!

Don't forget to check out the other blogs on my page for more inspiration on the law of attraction, mindset and meditation for busy modern mums!

If you would like to schedule a call with me to discuss areas your maybe struggling in, I offer a handful of free calls a week to solely focus on helping you. You can book a call with me below.

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