We are screwing it up for our kids

Have you ever thought about what you know now, that you would have liked to know growing up? Like for example, money is NOT the root of all evil and YES if you lick a frozen gate, you will stick to it! (I am not admitting to anything!!)

Everything we tell our kids now, tomorrow, next week, is creating their view of the world. It is creating their beliefs. We can not filter every piece of information that they are exposed to, nor would I wish to, but what I am striving for with my children and those of my clients, is to create an awareness and self confidence within each child to challenge what they see to be true. To encourage kids to wonder and explore ideas. Yes facts are fact, and no we can not walk on water or fly using our arms, but does that mean that we will never do that in the future? Inventions and ideas come from the growth of our mind and our understanding and it really makes my heart sing to encourage kids to think in limitless terms.

We are living on the edge of reality the future has not yet been written, lets give our children the belief that they can make a difference.

How do you inspire your children at home? Is it even something you consciously think about? Deliberately bringing up conversations to challenge their thinking about what they see in their world, is something I love to do. Also on the flip side of this mindset, do you consider the way in which you talk about your limiting beliefs, do you know what they are? How do you talk about money to your children, how do you talk about your body?

If we are creating limiting beliefs in our children before they have even left school, how is that going to manifest as they grow into adulthood?

The Mindset Mum is all about limitless thinking, finding what makes your heart sing and aligning energy around your thoughts. Children are by no means too little to understand when something feels good to them or to begin to understand the physics of energy and magnetism. Lets encourage our kids to see their world in vibrations and energy and look out for the energy that matches their feeling. Challenge them to become human magnets for happiness and success.

As a kid I would challenge any order I was given without reason. I needed the bit in brackets to satisfy my intrigue, if you tell me not to lick a frozen gate, (without the reason why in the same breath), I am going to lick a gate the moment I find one! I must note that there is no earthly explanation for why an onlooker then went on to lick another frozen gate moments after watching my experience! There is no helping some people LOL

So tonight challenge your child, ask them something that they believe to be true about their world and listen to what they say, how can you expand their understanding or thought.

Listening to a daily guided mediation will always be my go to resource to enhance my children's awareness, it feeds their mind in a way I can not understand, I can only observe it in their thoughts and behaviour and I just love how it is helping them to become who they want to be.

5 minutes of meditation each morning before school

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