Online mindset sessions for kids aged 11-18 

Children today are under an enormous amount of pressure, in school, from their peers and online. Their environment is rapidly growing around them and there is not enough support on a day to day basis to help them navigate their reaction to all that is happening.

Encouraging a positive mindset, the ability to relax in a moment through breathing and having the self confidence which is grown through a regular meditation practice are all key to supporting our children spiritually for  lifelong success and positive mental health.

Stress-Less for Kids Online sessions are held over the online video calling platform called Zoom, On a Tuesday evening @7.30pm for 3o minutes.

I will be teaching the children how to understand their mindset, how they can improve it, building self confidence, relaxation techniques to support study and meditation.

The sessions will be charged at £5, and the first session is completely FREE.

To purchase your second session & beyond please click the link below for easy payment by PayPal or debit card