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The Dalai Lama famously said if every 8 year old was taught how to meditate, we would eliminate violence from the world in one generation.


Inspired by my personal meditation practice which spans several years, I began introducing my children to meditation last year. Now I am talking a 5 minute meditation before the school run in the morning, not a 1 hour chanting marathon! I have been blown away by the impact it has had on their confidence, attitude towards learning, energy, relationships to name just a few!

It brings me back to the question I always ask myself, what if I had learnt this in school as a child, how would my life look like now?


Why are we over looking this in today's society for our children?

Every week I hear on the news or read online about children's mental health declining, children suffering from anxiety, children under more pressure than ever before at school.

Yet I see not an awful lot happening to counteract the problem, we like to put a plaster on stuff rather than preventing it in the first place.


So I wanted to play my bit in being part of the solution. Having watched how my children responded to meditation each morning before school, I wanted to bring this opportunity to every child in every school!



Magic Moments Meditation was created to provide schools with a really simple and short teacher training course which will inspire the passion to bring meditation into the school day. My vision is to see schools making meditation in the morning, as regular as taking the register.

The training is made up of 3 short video's around 45 minutes in total and costs £99

Access to all the content is from the online platform

These trainings are available to you for lifetime access, there is no limit to the number of staff you can have access the content, so every new member who joins your team can be given access to the training straight away. There are downloadable meditations for you to use, and these will be updated every 3 months. 

As a part of the training I wanted to inspire teachers to narrate their own meditations and there is a section on how to do this, so you are not bound to just the sound of my voice for an eternity!

So many times I read the statement "on average we only ever use 20% of our brains" and think wow how incredible would it be to unlock the other 80%!


It is not out of our reach, meditation is the key to opening up your awareness and your mind, should you dare to be so brave.

I am excited for our children's future, with a generation of children growing up with meditation as part of their day they are going to truly unlock their own llimitlessness and abundance, and create a world to live in which surpasses our imagination.

Just 5 minutes a day, it is a tiny chunk of time which has the power to create the hugest shift in our children's day.

Will you make it a part of  your day?

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